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Covid-19 Prevention

With the change in weather we have seen a surge in new cases of coronavirus.At this point there is no approved vaccine or preventive treatment for this infection. Aside from social distancing and wearing a mask, we can also strengthen our body resistance to the virus by using certain nutrients. We can protect, prevent, and ameliorate the impact of the outbreak.These simple measures could help us stay healthy during the next few months.

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You can Stay Healthy this Fall

In these challenging times it is important to understand that we, as human beings, have an innate capacity to be healthy and heal ourselves; it is nearly impossible that a virus will attack a healthy cell, this can only happen when there is a breakdown of equilibrium in the human body.

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The role of chronic inflammation – Prevention V

Coastal Wellness Health is open. We are following all State of Maine re-opening guidelines to keep our patients and ourselves safe. A pandemic within a pandemic. The role of chronic inflammation in becoming severely ill with COVID-19, and how to reverse it.  Recent data has shown that among the people that contract COVID-19, less the…

Living Healthy, Prevention Tips II

What stress does to us. Stress affects every system in the body. When under stress 80% of the blood leaves the brain for the fight, freight response. The amygdala is the part of the brain that is responsible for this reaction.  Stress also produces a cascade of neurochemicals that affect every system of the body;…

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