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What I Read: More than Allegory

Ursula Schmidt LAc. Coastal Wellness Health

“We live in a society dominated by increasingly deprived myths* (interpretations of reality that don’t resonate with one’s deepest intuitions and makes life in the world seem futile and claustrophobic).
The dominance of deprived myths is insidious and has severe consequences as far as one’s psychic health and relationship with truth is concerned. Yet, these consequences are usually overlooked in the first half of life, because deprived myths have a strong distractive power in that period. Young adults, in a natural attempt to self-affirm, are often distracted by the deprived myths of consumption, power and status. Many manage to continue distracting themselves almost all their lives and, in that sense, we live in an adolescent society. But once these deprived myths are seen for what they are, one needs a richer myth that does justice to the scope of life and imbues it with timeless meaning”

Bernardo Kastrup, More than Allegory

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