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Summer Newsletter

Summer is the Season of the Heart.

It also corresponds with the Fire element, which warms life and creates joy through relationships.
The Heart is in charge of directing the harmonious functioning of all meridians and is considered the emperor of the body.
Actions based on the heart lead to personal integrity and empower our intuition.
Therefore the heart should rule and the mind should follow. When our mind can recognize and act on the truth within our heart all healing can occur.

To be in harmony with the atmosphere of summer, awaken early in the morning and reach to the sun for nourishment.
Eat plenty of brightly colored fruits and vegetables.
Cook lightly and regularly add a little spicy, pungent or even fiery flavor (red or green hot peppers, cayenne, fresh ginger, horseradish, and black pepper) to bring body heat out to the surface and disperse it.
Avoid too many cold foods and beverages. Coldness causes contraction; it holds in sweat and heat, and interferes with digestion.

The Human Being as One with Nature. The ancient Taoist recognized that the way to live a long happy life was to be in harmony with nature. One of the basic laws of life is the constant movement into different phases. By recognizing this energetic movement within ourselves we can know when to adjust to these phases to optimize our health.

Acupuncture helps the body transition with ease form one phase to the next, correcting imbalances and facilitating the adjustment to the energy of the season.

This global pandemic has forced all of us to sit back and finally give Mother Earth the stage. We have seen pictures of clear skies where there was smog and pollution before. We know that breathing unhealthy air makes us more susceptible to the virus and other lung infections.

We also know that having pre-existing conditions, sometimes the result of lifestyle and eating habits makes us an easy target.

With this knowledge everyday we can choose to make a difference by changing how and what we consume. We can buy our food from local grocers and farmers reducing the pollution from travel and the intake of the chemicals that are laced on produce to preserve them.

We can choose organic to prolong our life and help limit the amount of pesticides in the soil and water.

We can buy our clothing from businesses that treat their employees fairly and don’t pollute the environment, or second hand stores.

We can bike to work instead of driving our car.

This is a unique opportunity to make positive changes. Nature has already shown us tangible proof of our capacity to change the future.

Let your heart take the lead.


Lonny Jarrett, LAc. Nourishing Destiny.
Zach Bush. MD. Zachbushmd.com

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