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Fall and Respiratory Health

Fall marks the beginning of the cold and flu season. Rapid changes in barometric pressure, temperature and light are very challenging for our body. It is important during this season to strengthen the immune system, address allergies and asthma, and start a health and wellness prevention program.

Below are some easy suggestions on how to build strong immunity and what to do when feeling a bit under the weather.

Coastal Wellness Health - Ursula Schmidt LAc

Gut health
Recent research has linked gut health with
inflammation, immune function and emotional wellness. The health of the digestive system is affected by stress and diet.  Avoiding dairy, sugar and too many raw foods can benefit digestion and strengthen the immune system.

As the weather changes favor warm seasonal foods over cold salads.


Poor sleep is behind the 5 top leading causes of death in the world. Lack of good sleep is a contributing factor to inflammation and to low immunity, obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular disease. To promote health and lower inflammation 7 to8 hours of sleep are recommended. Turn the TV off, put away all electronics and go to bed early, to create a healthy routine.



Stress depresses the immune system. When the body is in fight/flight mode the immune system cannot respond properly making it much easier for virus and bacteria to attack us.
Meditation, acupuncture, yoga or regular exercise reduces stress. Pick one you enjoy and stick to it. Including ways to relax is one of the most important things we can do for our health.


Use Chinese Medicine as a Preventative System
Acupuncture and Chinese medicine are wonderful to boost the immune system. Research has shown that it stimulates the production of T cells and enhances humoral and cellular resistance to disease.

Regular acupuncture treatments are so effective in boosting the immune that they can prevent respiratory illnesses and allergies.  Chinese medicine effectively treats asthma, allergies, colds, and flus and autoimmune disorders.

A seasonal acupuncture treatment can help strengthen the lungs.  Herbal formulas can treat illness without the side effects of stronger drugs.

A course of probiotics is recommended this time of year to optimize intestinal flora and strengthen immunity.  Adding Vitamin C, a strong antioxidant, will help protect the mucous membranes form pathogens. Vitamin D is very important when the days become shorter; it boosts immunity and prevents winter blues. Elderberry syrup is an excellent local immune booster.

Stay Healthy and Boost Your Immune System  Naturally!

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