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Acupuncture with flower essences self-treatments

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Now offering acupuncture with flower essences self-treatments.

Bach Flowers
Flower essences actions:
Fast recovery from illnesses

Emotional well-being
Mind-body health
Spiritual development

What are flower essences? Flower essences are herbal extracts prepared from garden blossoms. Dr Edward Bach, a Welsh surgeon during the beginning of the 20th century, discovered that using these remedies helped his patients recover much faster from surgery or illnesses. He believed that many conditions had an emotional component; once it was addressed healing would follow. Presently, flower extracts are used to assist with profound issues of emotional well-being, mind-body health, and spiritual development.

How do flower essences work?  They are a form of liquid light that matches perfectly with the light imprint of specific thought patterns, correcting them at an energetic level.

What is the function of flower essences? The function of the flower essences is to facilitate our process of evolution and connection to the creative essence of love, by gently peeling the layers that have led to a lack of emotional well-being and even physical conditions.

What are the present benefits of using flower essences? The chronic stress caused by repetitive behaviors can create inflammation in the body debilitating the immune system. Now more than ever we need to give our body what it needs for our well-being and protection; not only to fend off infections, but also to have the clarity of spirit to face whatever challenges may be ahead.

The Use of Flower Remedies on Acupuncture Points.

Acupuncture was the healing method of the ancient Taoist. Their philosophy was based on humans being a part of nature and the physical body being created by a descending movement of spirit. By moving from Original Source into spiritual, mental, and emotional planes; the spirit then solidifies into matter. By stimulating the acupuncture points an energetic resonance is created, that affects the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual planes.

Flower essences can be applied to acupuncture points. Each flower essence acts like an energetic key, that unlocks a specific point to establish a communication between the different planes. This communication can create balance between spirit, mind, emotion, and body; while also helping restore the lost connection between humans and nature.

Flower essences can address: fear, insecurity, critical judgment, feeling of depletion, repetitive patterns, self-pity, difficulty focusing, feeling overwhelmed, setbacks in life, hopelessness, overthinking, anger, jealousy, living in the past, weariness for life, impatience, depression, exhaustion, guilt, anxiety, indecision, shock, and more.

The treatments are done at home by the patient, after an initial consultation and instructions; which can be delivered in-person or virtually.



Floral Acupuncture, Deborah Craydon

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